In honor of the athletes from around the globe competing in the London Summer Olympics, Wikia Games is creating a Video Game Olympics for characters from around the virtual world.

We’ve selected the coolest events and the most worthy competitors, and you get to vote them to virtual victory or defeat. The voting begins July 27. Check back here for the unveiling of the events and the voting schedule.

And don’t forget to share the spirit of the Wikia 2012 Summer Video Game Olympics with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The more people commenting and voting, the more exciting the action and surprising the outcomes!
Archery PvZ Zomboni PvZ Zomboni PvZ Zomboni
100m Hurdles July 25 PvZ Zomboni PvZ Zomboni PvZ Zomboni
100m Dash July 23 PvZ Zomboni PvZ Zomboni PvZ Zomboni

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