Calling all SUPERFANS!


We’re thrilled to kick-off our new #Superfan Trivia Contest on Facebook and Twitter! The rules are simple:

  • Look for our trivia questions on Facebook every day and post your answers in the comments 
  • Watch for our trivia tweets throughout the day and tweet us your answers using hashtag #Superfan
  • Be awesome (That's a given, since you're already here.)

We're going to post trivia questions on Facebook and Twitter every day for the next 2 weeks and choose a winner at random the following week.

What is the Grand Prize?

As the winner of the Superfan contest, YOU will be featured on Wikia's homepage, and you'll pick your favorite wikia page to spotlight for millions of people to see! CRAZY GOOD.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.49.23 AM

How do you win the #Superfan Trivia Contest?

Over the next 2 weeks, simply correctly answer as many of the daily trivia questions as you can. The more questions you answer correctly, the better your odds of winning the Grand Prize! (and may they be ever in your favor...)

What do you need to participate?

FacebookLike TwitterFollow

Get ready to get your geek on, superfans!

Here are the links to our first trivia questions: [Facebook Question 1] and [Twitter Question 1]

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