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12th June 2009 - Blizzard date World of Warcraft regional finals, starts on June 26th

The Warcraft universe is big, so it stands to reason Blizzard should hold tournaments with cash prizes. The regionals will take place in Cologne, Germany." More at Strategy Informer

11th June 2009 - Upcoming mount changes released

In the next major content patch, the level requirements and cost to buy mounts and riding skill will be lowered again. 60% ground speed will now be available at level 20 for fff, 100% ground speed at level 40 for fff, and 150% flying speed at level 60 for fff. More at MMO Champion

26th May 2009 - Blizz patching in "new large-scale" Battleground, adds Coliseum

World of Warcraft's latest upcoming patch will really flex those PvP muscles some more, with the addition of a new siege Battleground and the Crusaders' Coliseum. Patch 3.2: Call of the Crusade adds "5-player, 10-player, and 25-player" challenges with the Coliseum, it also kicks off Arena season 7. Blizz are expanding "dailies, rewards, and more". More at Strategy Informer

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Who would you most want to defeat?
From about 5700 votes, it appears Sargeras should stay in hiding - 45% of respondents want to "meet" him. However, lucky for him, 30% will be happy with Arthas Menethil first...

Featured article

Northrend is the northern, icy continent of the world of Azeroth, and the source of the evil Scourge. It is also the home of Icecrown Citadel, the seat of the malevolent Lich King. The continent is featured in the World of Warcraft expansion, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.


Often called "the roof of the world," Northrend is a frozen wasteland that lies far to the north. As with the other continents, it was once part of the original Kalimdor landmass that was broken apart during the Sundering. The land that became Northrend drifted far from Azeroth's temperate zone, which killed off a large portion of the remaining wildlife...

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27th April 2009 – BlizzCon 2009 ticket contest!

We have BlizzCon tickets to give away - find out more on WoWWiki:BlizzCon Contest 2009!

27th April 2009 – Screenshot contest winners!

The winners of the recent screenshot contest (to win one of five Arthas: Rise of the Lich King novels) are now available on Forum:WoWWiki Screenshot Contest Spring 2009! Thanks to everyone who entered.

7th May 2009 – WoWWiki forums!

It's been a long time coming, but WoWWiki finally has forums :) They take over from our village and Warcraft pumps, and should hopefully make discussion (and life) a lot easier. Visit them at Forum:Index, and find out more about them on Forum:Welcome to the forums!

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