<html> <script type="text/javascript">

       var m, src, fm, x=0, r=, c=, ec=, em=, s='http:', e=encodeURIComponent || function(u){return u;}, i='134e0691-b7d8-40ec-b87d-156317b2b719', t=,et="";
       try{ r = (top===self && top.location) ? top.location.href : document.referrer || (top.location && top.location.href) || "";} catch(er){x=1}
       try{ s = window.location && window.location.protocol === 'https:'? window.location.protocol : s;}catch(er){x+=2}
       try{ m = r.match(new RegExp('[A-Za-z]+:[/][/][A-Za-z0-9.-]+')); em = e((m && m[0]) || r)} catch(er) {x+=4}
           src = [s,'//',i,'?v=3&dep=FIF&at=',et,'&p=',ec,'&x=uf',x,'&cb=',Math.random(),'&ts=',(+ new Date()),'&d=',em].join();
<iframe style="border:0px;height:130px;width:1030px;" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" seamless="seamless" allowTransparency="true" src="' + src + '"></iframe>


   <a style="text-decoration:none;display:block;border:0;" href="//" target="_blank">
       <img border="0" src="//"/>


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