1. Copy over the needed javascript from Custom slider/JS to MediaWiki:Common.js.

2. Copy over the needed CSS from Custom slider/CSS to MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Wikia.css.

3. Create Template:PortalSection by copying the code found at Template:PortalSection.

4. Create Template:PortalPage by copying the code found at Template:PortalPage.

5. Create Template:PortalTransformer by copying the code found at Template:PortalTransformer.

6. Create Template:Portal/Main by copying and editing the code found at Template:Portal/Main. This serves as the main (default) slide.

7. Create all other slides using the naming convention Template:Portal/_______ and the following format:

|headerlink1=[{{fullurl:Template:Portal/Dragon Age: Origins|action=edit}} edit]

8. Create Template:Portal/Component/Slider by copying and editing the code found at Template:Portal/Component/Slider.

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